WUPE Radio of Pittsfield, MA. 01201

They Just Don't Get It!

WUPE is one of the few radio stations  that has good reception in the Pittsfield area and plays classic rock. Though they play great music I find it very difficult to enjoy listening to the station for any length of time. I can only take so much of the "childish humor" style of commercial ads for local businesses and the DJ's that try to be cool or funny. It's all very annoying.

Though you would think that this station's music is meant for mature, intelligent, adult listeners, their ridiculous advertisements seem to be meant for kids and immature people who would find just about anything to be funny and cute. Even the name Whoopee Radio is getting old and is totally "corny". This station has been stuck in limbo for decades and never improved or changed with the times. Evidently the owners or management  never conducted any kind of surveys or research to learn about the opinions of their listeners.

As far as the DJ's, one is so annoying with his sickening childish little jokes and remarks that I sometimes get so disgusted that I turn the radio off and go without. This self proclaimed comic really seems to believe that he is a funny guy and everyone is entertained by his stupid humor. It's nice to have some humor from time to time but we are adult listeners out here and we don't want to hear "Looney Tunes" level of humor.

The rest of the DJ's are a great relief from "The Comic" but are kind of boring and amateurish. They seem to be running on empty when it comes to having an interesting, exciting and entertaining personality. The station may as well use automated announcers in their place. 

When you tune in to radio stations in bigger cities, such as the Albany or Springfield area, you notice a world of difference right away. It's like night and day. Those DJ's have that special radio personality and  professional quality that attracts listeners. 


The radio auctions are totally intolerable especially when you have to listen to "The Comic", his side kick and that irritating ringing bell for hours with no music. I can't believe that there are people who would actually participate in such foolishness. They must be very bored with their lives.

I can't stand the ridiculous dubbed in voice expressions like the girl that yells out "Oh Yea" and "Cool" and other annoying gestures. No, it's not cool, it's idiotic. The latest one that has to do with the Toyota giveaway is totally sickening. The girl sounds like a  rabid hyena in heat.


I am totally sick of the constant local Toyota dealer commercials with the very annoying "Holy Toledo Guy" who sounds like he was perfectly cut out to be a front man for a carnival freak show. Sure, "George wants to keep your business in the Berkshires". Of course he does. He wants to hook as many local suckers as possible. If you believe you will get a good deal from them you are a dreamer. 

I once purchased a low mileage used pickup truck from them that had two previous owners. A few weeks later, out of curiosity, I searched the internet for the same exact truck for sale at dealers in the Albany / Schenectady area. I found at least three identical trucks with only one previous owner, much less mileage, in much better overall condition and for a much lower price. I was stuck and it was too late to do anything about it. 

Here's how they hook you. They will keep telling you that they are going to "WORK THE FIGURES FOR YOU" to get you the best deal possible. They will go out of there way to con you into believing that they really like you and they are going to do you a special favor. WAKE UP! This is the old art of classic salesmanship strategies. In other words it's pure B.S.  

By the time I drove away from there in my new - used truck, my monthly loan payments were more than $100 higher than they originally were supposed to be.

I also get a kick about the tires they claim to sell at cost. Do they actually think that is believable? I guarantee you that if you search around you will find a better deal.

To move on, I noticed that his station likes to use young children to speak in many of their commercials. Nothing against children but I tune in to enjoy the music, not to listen to cute kids and irritating childish commercials.

How about the "Vacuum Cleaner Guy" and grand-kid, with his foreign accent and cute little giggle. Oh, and the 11 year old CEO. Then you have the grown up entertainers like the two "Boston Accent Guys" doing the "Hodwaya" store commercials. All very irritating and barely worth putting up with just to hear some music we like.

Apparently, this station's primary mission is to entertain people who want to hear comedy shows and not music.


Each and every one of you WUPE listeners out there that agree with my comments about this station need to demand change from the owner of WUPE, which is Townsquare Media of Connecticut. 

Go to their website by clicking on the following link.  www.townsquaremedia.com  On their home page click on Menu at upper left. Click Contact from the drop down menu to open the form. 

Note: Don't be afraid to fill in your name and email address. You will most likely never be contacted unless it's to participate in a some type of survey, which would be good for our cause.

Click on Topic then General Inquiry from the drop down menu. You can then copy and paste the following two paragraphs into the message box. Note that there is no "complaints" listed under topic but that's OK. As long as they keep getting our message it will get the attention of the key people.


Copy and Paste the following to Townsquare Media website.

I agree 100% with the comments and complaints about WUPE Radio, as stated on the website  www.wupe-radio-follies.com , and I would like to see a complete overhaul of this radio station including the replacement of all management, staff and everyone responsible for all station programming and creation of all commercial advertisements.

Let it be known that we demand a radio station that has "CLASS" and is operated by professionals that are clearly focused on pleasing us mature intelligent adults who grew up with the great music and times of the 60's through the 80's and will not tolerate all the annoying "Funny Business".



I'll be the first to admit that I am not a writer but I'm sure everyone understands exactly what I'm talking about.